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Who we are

Tenuta Borgolano is a winery owned by the Quaroni family, founded in 1903 by his grandfather Romano Quaroni. From here our story begins year after year, lives after life, harvest after harvest.

Over a century since our family bought the surrounding land and started the mixed farm.


Our History

Angelo and Maria Olga

After the Second World War, the son Angelo joined his son Maria Olga


In the 70s, the whole family will dedicate themselves to the exclusive production of wine.

Our days

Today the company covers 30 hectares and is in the hands of the nephew Donatella who assures with so much effort the continuity of the family tradition.

There is therefore a constant dedication, a family, the story of a family, and of the wines that have such a marked identity, character and structure his close collaborators.

Even today we cultivate the values of our ancestors and we apply ourselves with passion to lead the company in the way in which we have been shown, with passion and enthusiasm, a great enthusiasm, combining tradition and modernity. These are commitments, great commitments that are not immediately met. These are long-term commitments that contain in each bottle authentic wines that represent the typical values of our territory.


The production is based on 30 hectares of vineyards all registered in the Register of D.O.C. Oltrepo 'Pavese located in the municipalities of Montescano, Castana, Montù Beccaria in the province of Pavia, in the northern Apennines, south of the Alps and the Pianura Padana and a few minutes from the borders with Emilia.


Ettari di Vigneti


Thanks to this border position, different climates are present: in the flat areas there is a decidedly continental climate with cold winters and hot summers; the hill suffers little from the mitigating influence of the sea due to the presence of the Apennines; presents a period of dry cold in January to which it follows the spring, which however green and flowery, is not spared from downpours and frosts but repays with the beauty of the green vineyards and the sweet colors of the season. The summer season is warm and humid with peaks of 35 °. The areas closest to the Apennines enjoy greater coolness.

The exceptional microclimate of these areas, the different exposure and the tufaceous calcareous soil, with marls dating back to the Pliocene and blue clays allow to obtain now fresh and elegant wines now long-lived wines, with great balance between structure depth and elegance.

Pinot Nero

The main vine of the company is the Pinot Nero introduced in the area in 1800 when the Oltrepò Pavese had as many as 225 native vines.

After almost two centuries of evolution and adaptation, this particular Pinot Nero is today rightfully considered a local vine.

Autochthonous vines